About nudebrucereview

Nude Bruce Review was formed in 2012 by Andrew Mobbs and Timothy Snediker, two poets who met during their time as undergraduates at the University of Central Arkansas.

Issue 7 is Nigh, Y’all.

Loyal Nude Brucians,

We’re head-over-heels ecstatic as we make the following proclamation: Issue 7 will drop in March 2017! Please stay tuned for latest updates via our Facebook page. The esteemed Jason Fack of the Jeb Kennedy ilk is returning as our cover artist, and photographer extraordinaire Mark Wyatt has contributed some epic images to accompany the literary goodness.

The Editors

Brucians of the World, Unite!

Howdy beloved readers,

Consider this a proper update.

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your submissions, particularly the soul-punching poetry and prose which will be included in Issue 6. On that note, expect a release date of mid-July. Our cover artist for this issue, Joel Martinez, will deliver and then some. As always, thank you for your patience and your exquisite literary tastes.

Get stoked,
The Editors

Calling for Issue 6 Submissions

Loyal Nude Brucians,

After what has seemed an interminable eight-month hiatus, we have finally crawled out of our proverbial caves to bring you the following announcement:

NBR Issue 6 (Summer 2016) submissions are officially open!

As you have done five times before, please send us your best poetry, fiction, and nonfiction anytime between now and May 5, 2016 either here or through our ‘Submit’ tab above.

We quite literally can’t wait to immerse ourselves in your beautiful words once again.

Happy writing,
The Editors

TREAT YO SELF (Or, Issue 5 is Live)

Good tidings to all of you, loyal readers!

By clicking the image below, you are essentially waiving the right to not have your mind blown by 100 pages of literary goodness that permeates within our increasingly growing magazine. Provocative, image-rich poems of all shapes and sizes: check. A short story about a normal family whose mother just so happens to have hooves instead of hands: check. And, for the first time ever, the nonfiction genre making its debut: check.

Click below to taste the difference Bruce makes. In case we haven’t said it enough, Issue 5 is live, y’all.


Mega cheers,
The Editors