About NBR

Nude Bruce Review was formed in 2012 by Andrew Alexander Mobbs and Timothy Snediker, two poets who met during their time as undergraduates at the University of Central Arkansas. Among other things, they instantly bonded over their love and appreciation for writing and the eerie fact that both of their mothers share the same first name with the same obscure spelling. While NBR is primarily a poetry-based magazine, we’re pleased to feature (flash)fiction and nonfiction for the sake of excellent writers and readers everywhere.

Please send any NBR-related inquiries to nudebrucereview@gmail.com (NOTE: Please be prepared to not receive an immediate response, as this e-mail address is not checked frequently). Alternatively, visit our Poets & Writers listing or our Facebook page. Note that we won’t accept any spam or idle chitchat.

[Okay, fine. We do enjoy some idle chitchat.]