Attention, People of Earth,

It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ve opened the floodgates for submissions for Issue 4 of Nude Bruce Review. We do hope you’ve learned to swim.

Our main mission is to feature fantastic poets and fiction writers, whether ye be young, up-and-coming artists, whether ye got your MFA ready-to-hand, or whether ye be old and gnarled wordsmiths. The submission window now closes August 8, 2014, so if ye be willing, submit at the link below.

Cheers, y’all,
The Editors




Greetings Brucians.

Click the image below to access the NEW ISSUE of Nude Bruce Review!

Many thanks to all of our contributors, and especially to Kyle Blair who has ingeniously iterated our beloved Nude Bruce for the new issue. (Bruce beefed up for this issue.)

Viva la Bruce!

Proclamation: Issue 3 to Debut on Monday, January 27

Friends and faithful readers,

We are pleased to proclaim that around midnight next Monday, January 27, Nude Bruce Review: Issue 3 (Winter 2014) will drop! Aside from the new talent (i.e., incredible poems and fiction pieces), the new cover art is sure to not disappoint. In the meantime, however, we await patiently, as does our misplaced but stoic man himself, Bruce.


See you in a week,
The Editors

Issue 3 is nigh, friends.

Nude Brucians,

Your beloved Editors are pleased to announce that the final poetry and fiction selections for Nude Bruce Review’s third issue have been made! We will compile the magazine this month, and we plan on making the issue available during the first week of January 2014. Consider this our way of ushering in the new year in lieu of “Auld Lang Syne.”

Although we cannot reveal much, here are two spoilers:

  1. We will feature work from international writers.
  2. There may or may not be a stunning new cover.


Last Call for Issue 3 Submissions

Happy Autumn, Nude Brucians!

We are excited to report that we have received a healthy amount of submissions for the Winter 2013 issue, but you still have two more weeks to dazzle us into a near-death stupor of literary euphoria with your work (and we do love that state of literary euphoria, trust us). Particularly, we would enjoy the opportunity to read more fiction submissions. So, spread the word!

To submit, simply click on the ‘Submit’ tab at the top of our page and act accordingly. Remember, the submission period closes when you start seeing this kind of stuff happening around town:

Happy writing and submitting,
Your Editors


Hey y’all. We have some exciting news here at NBR. The submissions window for our third issue is officially open! We’re ready be heated up and bothered about by* all of the fiction and poetry YOU can send us. Seriously, make it salacious.

Please note the following guidelines:

  1. Poetry – Please submit 1-4 poems for consideration. Poems should be uploaded via the Submissions Manager (link below). For the convenience of the editors, please submit each poem INDIVIDUALLY (i.e. only one poem per document). If all poems are contained within one document, only the first poem will be considered.
  2. Fiction – Please submit a short work of fiction (3000 word maximum) for consideration. We will definitely accept flash fiction as well. Fiction pieces should be uploaded via the Submissions Manager (link below).  For the convenience of the editors, please submit each story INDIVIDUALLY (i.e. only one story per document).
  3. “The Prude Bruce Clause” – For the convenience of the editors, please limit yourself to one and only one of the genres listed above (poetry or fiction). Choices!
  4. For the Veterans – If your work was featured in a previous issue of NBR, feel free to submit more work to us, but please understand that priority will be given to fresh, new writers. On the other hand, if you’re just plain brilliant (again), you can expect us to agonize (again) over your work along with the rest of the noobz.**

The submissions link is just below. Zounds!


The Editors


*Two prepositions in a row!
**The term “noobz” should not be mistaken for a pejorative. Spelling is correct.