Calling for Issue 6 Submissions

Loyal Nude Brucians,

After what has seemed an interminable eight-month hiatus, we have finally crawled out of our proverbial caves to bring you the following announcement:

NBR Issue 6 (Summer 2016) submissions are officially open!

As you have done five times before, please send us your best poetry, fiction, and nonfiction anytime between now and May 5, 2016 either here or through our ‘Submit’ tab above.

We quite literally can’t wait to immerse ourselves in your beautiful words once again.

Happy writing,
The Editors

TREAT YO SELF (Or, Issue 5 is Live)

Good tidings to all of you, loyal readers!

By clicking the image below, you are essentially waiving the right to not have your mind blown by 100 pages of literary goodness that permeates within our increasingly growing magazine. Provocative, image-rich poems of all shapes and sizes: check. A short story about a normal family whose mother just so happens to have hooves instead of hands: check. And, for the first time ever, the nonfiction genre making its debut: check.

Click below to taste the difference Bruce makes. In case we haven’t said it enough, Issue 5 is live, y’all.


Mega cheers,
The Editors

Issue 5 Coming Soon

Greetings Nude Brucians,

We are pleased to announce that we have read through all of your wonderful submissions for the fifth issue of Nude Bruce Review, which has a tentative release date of late July this summer. This issue has garnered more submissions–over 100, in fact–than any of the other previous issues, so please accept our undying gratitude for your interest in our magazine. If we could send everyone an electronic gift basket of some sort, we most assuredly would do just that.

Stay tuned,
The Editors

NBR Welcomes New Fiction Editor

We at Nude Bruce Review are pleased to welcome Ciarra Proulx, our new fiction editor, on board! Ciarra will begin reading for the upcoming Issue 5, which is still accepting submissions for another month. At the same time, we wish our previous fiction editor, Chris Hancock, a whole mess of luck and are grateful for his service over the past two years.

The Editors

Calling for Issue 5 Submissions

Hark, Nude Brucians!

We are pleased to officially open business for Issue 5, which is set to debut in Summer 2015. Please send us the best of your huddled poetry, fiction, and non-fiction masses here:


We look forward to reading your work once again, and we are as confident as Bruce is nude that Issue 5 will be the best yet.

The Editors

Nude Bruce Review Now Listed on Poets & Writers

Beloved Nude Brucians,

We’re quite pleased to announced that our humble magazine is now listed in the Poets & Writers literary magazine database, specifically here. Gratefully, we want to congratulate all of our published writers and our readers.

Moreover, we hope you’ve enjoyed Issue 4, and we are pleased to announce that the call for submissions for Issue 5 will commence in the near future. Let the literary maelstrom resume!