Desert/Dessert: Excerpt from a Memory Poem

                                                                                                         (© Martin Stamat)

Flat barren desolation before me,
Alone at last at the location of droughts and snake bites.
Take in the serenity.
Cherish it.
Love it.
Very good, until I catch the loneliness bug and start a conversation with a cactus
Or a chuckwalla.
That’s the sign of un-sanity and dehydration.
Didn’t you bring the water?
Just keep moving till you collapse and die.
I’m sure your body will be taken care of properly
And with respect for the dead.
Most people fear those incorrectly buried–
That’s how ghosts and ghouls are born.

(by Aaron Vigil)

                                                                                                         (© Martin Stamat)