A Thank You Letter

Nude Brucians,

In case you thought we were merely hibernating for copious amounts of time (ahem, you wouldn’t be entirely incorrect, but only Bruce himself can judge us), we’ve decided to grace you with a sufficient update regarding our literary shenanigans.

First, a short yet informative promotional video for our humble publication has been filmed and is currently being edited; it’ll emerge along with the next call for submissions in August. GET EXCITED!

Secondly, beginning with this, we’ll make it a habit of posting individual poems, stories, letters, etc. semi-frequently for your entertainment, so watch out for these each week or so. The first of these posts is a lovely Thank You letter from a gentleman named Allan Benson to his former library coworkers. Enjoy:

Allan Benson Letter

Thanks for your patience, folks. We’re out of our caves now, so we’ll be in touch.

The Editors